Winterize Your Pressure Washer

Winter will be here soon. Are You Ready?

It’s important to protect your pressure washer from freezing. Water is trapped in the pump and coil, and will expand when it freezes, causing damage. You can easily prevent this. Watch Hotsy’s short video to learn how.


Preventative Steps to Winterize Pressure Washers:

1. Disconnect the water supply from the pressure washer

2. Fill a solution container with an anti-freeze solution or

3. Connect the anti-freeze solution to the pressure washer

4. Turn on the pressure washer to start the solution flowing.

5. Continue until the solution appears out the trigger gun6. Direct the flow back into the container.

7. Cycle the fluid a few times to circulate the pumping system.

8. Turn off the machine and disconnect the supply.

9. If your pressure washer has a float tank, you can simply pour the anti-freeze into the float tank.

Watch the video.


Hotsy Carlson is here to help keep your pressure washer running. Trust us. We know clean.