Used Equipment

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Hotsy Carlson allows customers to trade in equipment to help defray the cost of new or upgraded equipment. This means that our team sees a wide range of different used pressure washers, trailer systems, parts washers and more. That’s when our technicians get to work, assessing the quality of traded in machinery and working to make it ready for reuse.

Our selection of used hot water pressure washers, refurbished cold water pressure washers, repaired parts washers and more offer customers an alternative to buying new equipment. All of our equipment if thoroughly reviewed by our techs, tested and tuned up to ensure that all used cleaning machinery works as intended. That means when you buy used cleaning equipment from Hotsy Carlson, you can trust it to work well for your needs.

Our stock is constantly changing, so let us know if you need something that’s not listed. Chances are we’ve had a trade-in that isn’t listed yet.

Find Affordable Used Equipment at Hotsy Carlson

Our full inventory of used and refurbished equipment includes items for a wide variety of cleaning projects and applications. Our selection varies regularly, but our in-stock item list typically includes:

  • Used Hotsy hot-water pressure washers
  • Used Hotsy cold-water pressure washers
  • Used parts washers
  • Used trailer mount systems
  • Used space heaters
  • Refurbished pressure washer parts
  • Rebuilt pressure washer pumps

Shop Our Selection of Used Pressure Washing Equipment

Explore the latest used cleaning equipment available from Hotsy Carlson below. Looking for a specific model or have questions? Call us at 800.776.8310 today to speak with our used equipment team.