Should you steam it- or blast it clean?

Deciding between a steam cleaner and a pressure washer?

Steam cleaners and pressure washers are technically built for the same purpose (to clean surfaces), but there are key differences in how they work – and when you should use them. The simplest definitions are that steam cleaners use vapor or steam to get surfaces clean, while pressure washers use water and high pressure to do the job.  But there are other differences you need to be aware of before choosing which to use and when.

Steam Cleaners:

  • Use gentle vapor from an internal heat source
  • Use very little water – less than a gallon in some cases
  • Use high temperatures to clean and disinfect surfaces
  • Are made for delicate surfaces
  • Provide a higher level of hygiene
  • Reduces slippery surfaces
  • No splashing on operator(s)

Pressure Washers:

  • Force water through jets at high pressure
  • Larger volumes of water are needed to clean
  • May require detergents for stubborn grease & grime
  • Made for heavy-duty, large cleaning jobs covering more  square footage.
  • Equipment weighs more, not always portable

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