Sludge Pit got you Scared?

Scared of the Sludge in your wash bay pit or containment tank?

Video Link: The Boss Man Bob Schultz

Put the Pit Boss Sludge Sucker to work for you!

  • No expensive transfer pump needed! Simply attach the Pit Boss Sludge Sucker to your pressure washer lance, then place the 15′ discharge hose into a catch container.
  • The 0 Degree spray creates a venture suction of up to 43 gallons per minute!
  • Easily sucks up mud, sludge, sewage, floodwater, and more. Makes light work of dirty jobs!
  • Save time, money and labor!

Got a big job that requires detergent coverage?

Hotsy’s foam cannon provides up to a 30-foot cleaning radius.

Foam clings to those hard to reach surfaces.

Hotsy’s foam cannon will help you do the job efficiently and in record time!