Scheduled Maintenance Plans

Why react to a breakdown when you can prevent it? While not every equipment failure occurs from components wearing out, many do. Keeping up on your equipment maintenance can help keep you from finding yourself with broken-down machinery when you need it most.

That’s why Hotsy Carlson offers scheduled maintenance plans to keep your pressure washer and other cleaning equipment working properly. We know CLEAN – and we know that your priority is to keep running efficiently, effectively and safely. Let our expert staff work with you to develop a scheduled maintenance plan that keeps up with your usage. We’ll explore a number of different factors and learn how much you use your equipment. This will allow us to create a plan and schedule when visits should occur, allowing us to keep your equipment running great so you can trust it to work properly at every job.

During each scheduled maintenance appointment, our staff conducts a thorough inspection and cleaning of your machinery. We plan visits on a schedule that fits your needs and minimizes any downtime or impact on your operations. Our maintenance appointments will also keep up on a slew of routine tasks – changing the oil, cleaning out filters, checking hoses and connections and much more – taking work off your to-do list and allowing you to rest easier in knowing that your cleaning system is operating at peak efficiency.

Find out more about the convenience and cost-savings involved with setting up a scheduled maintenance plan to suit your needs. Ask about our CLEAN Accountability Plan, which includes a comprehensive review of your current operations and equipment to help you work more efficiently, effectively and safely, while keeping your equipment running great all throughout the year.

Preventative measures often cost very little, yet help extend the useful life of your equipment considerably. Learn more about the benefits of scheduled maintenance and get started on maintaining your cleaning gear by calling Hotsy Carlson at any of our three convenient Central Texas branches – Austin, Killeen or Bryan – or stop in and see us today.

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