Ready-to-Use vs. Concentrate Detergents

How to clean effectively and efficiently on any job 

In the world of cleaning, detergents are a critical component. While high pressure and high temperature water can do wonders, it can’t offer the same cleaning power that specialized cleaning solutions can.

Fortunately, there are a wide range of detergents available from Hotsy Carlson including degreasers and tar removers as well as specialized solutions to clean different surfaces like aluminum or stainless steel. Additional cleaning power may also be required in different applications or to comply with regulations, like sanitizing food treatment or transportation surfaces.

For all these reasons and more, detergents are a must in many situations, but what’s the best option for your business? Commonly your options are divided into ready-to-use detergents and concentrates, each of which offer different advantages and drawbacks.

Ready to Use, Ready to Go

With ready-to-use detergents, there’s no preparation needed to get to cleaning. You simply add the premade solution to your pressure washer and get to washing. This offers a great deal of convenience, especially for portable cleaning applications. A premade detergent means there’s no need to meter out a ratio of water to cleaning solution to ensure a proper mix, and instead you can grab and go.

However, as with most things that are convenient, you pay a bit of a premium. With premade mixes, you’re paying in part for water, as these solutions have already been pre-diluted to offer the greatest cleaning power. This can be a benefit in some circumstances, particularly where you may not have control over water quality. Premixed solutions are blended in advance, meaning you can trust the cleaning power of your detergent in any work environment.

Concentrated Clean, Concentrated Savings 

With concentrates, on the other hand, comes the benefit of buying in bulk. With just a fraction of a concentrated solution, you can create as much cleaning power as a full supply of premix. This allows you to save over the long run by allowing you to blend and mix in water on your own, meaning you’re paying just for the cleaning solution and not water. This also means that you can customize your dilution levels to different jobs, so if you need a more concentrated clean for one job versus another, you can add more or less detergent to meet your distinctive needs.

That also means more time spent preparing to clean, though, which is another factor to consider when deciding on ready-to-use or concentrate. With concentrates, you’ll often need to mix in advance – unless you take advantage of dilution equipment in a wash bay or other stationary setup. There’s also to potential for concentrates to be improperly mixed, resulting in an insufficient clean or excess waste of your detergent solution.

Get the right solution for solutions with Hotsy Carlson

At Hotsy Carlson, we offer a team of in-house technicians and cleaning experts who can help you make your operations work best. Our goal is the same as yours – efficiency in operation – and with an on-site consultation, we can assess your current cleaning operations and identify opportunities to save with concentrates or determine if ready-to-mix solutions may be more cost effective. With years of experience in pressure washers, detergents and cleaning, you can trust our knowledge to help you clean efficiently without cutting corners. Call us today or contact us online to schedule your on-site detergents consultation today.