Hot Water Pressure Washers

Hotsy Hot Water Pressure Washers

Hot water pressure washers are a popular choice, particularly for industries that need to clean away substances like grease or oil on a regular basis. You’ll find the most comprehensive selection of pressure washers in Central Texas at Hotsy Carlson, your authorized Hotsy dealer.

We carry more than 80 different hot water pressure washer models, including both portable and stationary models. We also offer two power types options – gas powered or electric powered.

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Hot Water Pressure Washers

Hot Water Pressure Washers from the Industry Leader

Hotsy is the No. 1 name when it comes to pressure washers. Using hot water is one of the most effective ways to clean in a variety of situations, helping to wash away greases and oils quickly. If you’re cleaning heavy equipment, parking garages, hydraulics, food preparation surfaces or anything else with a greasy, oily residue, a hot sprayer is a must.

You’ll get hot water at the pull of a trigger with Hotsy’s efficient upright burner. Plus, your Hotsy power washer can be mounted on a truck, trailer or in a van for commercial cleaning on the go. Best of all, all Hotsy hot water pressure washers are backed by the best warranty in the industry – a five-year warranty on the coil and a seven-year warranty on the Hotsy pump.

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Hot Water Pressure Washers – Electric Powered
Hot Water Pressure Washers – Gas Powered