Parts Washer Detergents

Parts washer detergents available from Hotsy Carlson offer a  variety of solutions for your needs.

Hotsy Tub Mate

A biodegradable, non-caustic detergent, Tub Mate is designed specifically for use with automatic parts washers. This soap offers a long life and a low-foaming solution that also combats the deleterious effects of hard water. Tub Mate also features rust inhibitors, offering extra protection for metal components.

Available in a 10-pound box or a case of four, 10-pound boxes.

Turbo 1 (Aluminum Safe)

Turbo 1 is a non-caustic compound, designed for use in enclosed automatic parts washers. This solution rapidly removes grease, quickly washing the parts and components you need. This soap also remains stable at high temps for long periods of time, making it useful in hot-water applications.

Available in a 50-pound box.

Turbo 2 (Not Aluminum Safe)

The Turbo 2 detergent is also designed for enclosed automatic parts washers, but is highly caustic, making it not safe for use on aluminum parts and components. Like Turbo 1, this soap rapidly removes grease and oils from tools and other equipment. This solution can also be used in hot-water wash situations as it remains stable at high temps for long periods of time.

Available in a 50-pound box.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor

A superior blend of rust and corrosion inhibitors that give outstanding protection in both the liquid and vapor phase. Protects steel and prevents rust and corrosion in automatic parts washers and the metal parts being cleaned.

Liquid, Available in 1 gallon size.

Hotsy Defoamer

A fast-acting, additive that suppresses foam build up in soak tanks and automatic parts washers. Compatible with any metal, painted or plastic pieces that can be cleaned in a parts washer.

Liquid, Available in 1 gallon size.

Renegade Jet Wash

Compatible with all jet wash automatic parts washers.  Safe for all metals, low foaming, low residue. Safe for electric motors.  Does not turn aluminum black.  Will not clog pump intakes like powder detergents.  Contains rust inhibitor and defoamer.

Liquid, Available in 5 gallon size.

Renegade Manual Parts Washer Concentrate

Compatible with all manual water based parts washers. Fast Drying, low residue, skin conditioner, rust inhibitor. Safe for all metals, solvent free.

Liquid, Available in 5 gallon size.