Let’s Clean Up 6th Street

Bob Schultz of Hotsy Carlson Equipment conducts a training session for the employees of Austin Downtown Alliance. We modified the Hotsy model 555SS pressure washer to fit their needs specifically.  Downtown Alliance employees are charged with cleaning and maintaining Austin’s popular entertainment area, 6th Street.  As you may guess, that is one dirty job!

The company needed a better solution for removing gum from the sidewalks without creating a big mess or using too much water. The crew is now armed with a gum removal system that operates at a low volume, high pressure, high temperature and provides steam options.  The pressure washer creates very little water discharge, is portable, and can be operated off a standard 110 v plug.   If you are in need of a specially designed system, let the experts at Hotsy Carlson listen to your issues and design a system with your specific job in mind.