The Importance of Branding Your Fleet

If you own or manage a fleet, then you understand that your vehicles speak volumes about your company. Whether it’s indirectly or directly with the customers your business services, the appearance of the vehicles (and drivers) can either make or break your reputation. It’s important to keep in mind that past and potential customer, as well as the general public has a perception about your business and your brand, and it is usually closely tied to your fleet.

This post will look at some easy ways you can ensure a positive brand image so your fleet can work for you to help grow your business and company image.

Driver Behavior

While on the road, your drivers are representing your brand. Assuming that your company logo is on the vehicle somewhere, you can expect to be contacted by concerned individuals if they see inappropriate or unsafe driving. Don’t let this happen.

It is important to build a company culture which educates all customer-facing staff to consistently represent your company in they way they drive and communicate. Teach your people about your company’s values and gain buy-in to get the best chance of ensuring an excellent reputation.

Another measure to ensure your drivers and staff are best representing the company is to install a GPS to monitor habits and fuel efficiency. The investment pays off as it helps promote greater driver efficiency, and makes desired behavior more likely as the driver knows they are being monitored.

Clean Vehicles

Schedule regular and mandatory fleet cleaning to ensure your vehicles look their best. While your vehicles are on the road, they are indirectly interacting with people who may be potential customers. If your fleet looks dirty, they may form a bad perception of how you operate your business. Don’t give people the wrong impression. Clean trucks and equipment will portray you in the right ways.

If you want to think of it this way, there are seven benefits to CLEAN:

1. Reduces downtime

2. Improves productivity

3. Decreases driver turnover

4. Improves your company’s brand image

5. Increases safety

6. Enhances regulatory compliance

7. Increases vehicle life

Everything starts with CLEAN — and we own clean. Hotsy Carlson can help you leverage its power in everything you do.

Regular Maintenance

Just like with a clean outward appearance, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance checks for all of your vehicles. This will help keep your vehicles on the road, and out of the shop, which improves efficiency and will ensure a reliable service to your customers.

A well-maintained vehicle will perform better in the long run, which means better service for the customer, and a better brand image for the long haul.

In Conclusion

A positive brand image is ultimately the vessel through which your company’s key values are reflected, and we’re sure these simple tips will help you portray a positive message to all who interact with your business.

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