Hotsy Carlson Returns to San Antonio

Back when Hotsy Carlson owner Bob Schultz started his career in the cleaning equipment industry, his service route included the San Antonio area. Now, more than 30 years later, Bob is returning to his roots and is bringing Hotsy Carlson back to San Antonio – just with a little grayer hair.

Hotsy Carlson StorefrontBob started working in the field as a member of Carlson Cleaning Equipment as a service technician. On his first route in 1987, he provided support for customers in San Antonio before transitioning to a sales role a few years later. After Hotsy bought out Carlson Cleaning Equipment in 1996, the San Antonio location closed so as to not overlap with the existing Hotsy dealership operated by Larry Loftus. Bob moved on to manage the store in Austin – today the home of Hotsy Carlson.

In 1999, Bob bought the former Carlson Cleaning Equipment and founded Hotsy Carlson, with expansion into Bryan and Killeen over the past two decades. Now the Carlson name returns to San Antonio with a new partnership with Michelle Loftus, daughter of Larry Loftus.

So now, for all those former Carlson Cleaning Equipment customers who may remember that young, blond service tech from back in the day – he’s back and better than ever before.

Michelle Loftus will continue to serve as manager of the San Antonio location, but now supported by the full power of Hotsy Carlson’s comprehensive team and equipment. Current customers in San Antonio will benefit from a larger inventory of available parts and detergents to help them keep up with their needs and complete maintenance work or repairs faster. In addition, a fully stocked Hotsy Carlson service truck will now be available in the San Antonio area to offer on-site repairs, parts delivery and accessories to clients at their location or in the field.

As part of the changes, Hotsy Carlson will now handle all former HSTX invoicing, and existing customers will need to file an updated credit application. This can be done in person at the San Antonio location or forms can be sent electronically to complete. Contact Hotsy Carlson’s headquarters in Austin by calling 512.442.2267 with questions, to request digital documents or for more information.

Find out more about Hotsy Carlson’s return to San Antonio by visiting the website,, or stop in to any location and speak with the CLEAN team today.