Fight the Flu With Vital Oxide

Flu prevention is a high priority on many people’s lists this year, as it should be. One sick employee or customer can bring down the whole business with influenza.

There are a few basics when it comes to fighting the spread of the flu: vaccinate, practice vigilance with hygiene, and disinfect daily.

Vital Oxide is an E.P.A Registered Hospital Disinfectant

  • Vital Oxide is effective against a wide range of virus and bacteria yet personal protection is generally not needed during use.
  • Vital Oxide will not promote the growth of drug resistant super bugs.
  • Vital Oxide is a Soft Surface Sanitizer.

o   Safe for use on treated articles, carpeting, fabrics, flooring, and frequently touched surfaces.

o   No need to wipe or rinse off.

  • Effective at removing bloody stains and other bodily fluids.

Vital Oxide is an N.S.F Registered “No Rinse Required” on Food contact surfaces

Can be diluted to 9 parts water to 1 part Vital Oxide.

Vital Oxide is used to disinfect HVAC and Air Ducts.

Vital Oxide disinfects HVAC and Air Ducts by inhibiting growth of odor causing bacteria, fungi, and other odor, stain or damage causing organisms in residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings.

Ask us about how Vital Oxide can be applied with an electrostatic sprayer for better coverage and to prevent the contamination of surfaces after it’s applied.