Custom Oilfield Application

Our customer runs an oilfield cleaning service. He came to us with 2 problems. First, the system they had just wasn’t getting the job done. They had custom built cold water frac tank cleaning trailer capable of 16 gpm at 1500 psi. However, the cold water just didn’t work. The second problem was a space and storage issue. Their workers needed a place to get in out of the weather and a place to store their tools.

Together, we were able to come up with a solution to both problems. First, we converted their existing system to a 2 gun operation. Our customer found a great deal on a suitable trailer and we mounted 2 Hotsy 9450 heating modules with a 100 gallon fuel tank on the back.

The end result is portable, high quality, system with temperature control and plenty of storage. Another example of how we work to find custom solutions to your individual needs.