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Comparing Steamers and Hot Water Pressure Washers

Hotsy 500 Series Hot Water Pressure Washers

Because hot water pressure washers evolved from steamers, they are sometimes referred to as steamers even though they are mostly used for putting out pressurized water. Traditional steamers heat water to the boiling point to create steam and accelerate water droplets to a high velocity to loosen dirt and debris from the surface. The closer… Read more »

How to prepare your shop for winter

Step 1: Get a Val 6 Radiant Heater Step 2: Keep warm (but don’t stand too close) Step 3: Save money on fuel and breathe easy* *Val 6 heaters are extremely fuel efficient and have very low emissions compared to conventional heaters. Val 6 heaters work great for indoor warehouses and shops and outdoors through wind,… Read more »

Sludge Pit got you Scared?

Scared of the Sludge in your wash bay pit or containment tank? Put the Pit Boss Sludge Sucker to work for you! No expensive transfer pump needed! Simply attach the Pit Boss Sludge Sucker to your pressure washer lance, then place the 15′ discharge hose into a catch container. The 0 Degree spray creates a… Read more »

Tough Enough to Clean an Engine Block

Cuda Parts Washers are Built Tough! Cuda Parts Washers: Safe enough for contact lenses Handle tough cleaning jobs Efficient, do the work for you. Environmentally Friendly, Safe, Solvent Free Cleans with hot water and biodegradable detergents. Wide selection of sizes to fit every need – from nuts and bolts to transmission and engine blocks We… Read more »

City of Austin Water Restriction Info – Reclaim your wastewater

Even though cleaning with a pressure washer uses considerably less water than conventional methods, consider the following: The city of Austin announced stage 2 water restrictions, which affects us all.  If you need to do some pressure washing during these times, please review the following to link to the city of Austin’s frequently asked questions… Read more »

Travis County Youth Show

Hotsy Carlson is proud to be a sponsor of the Travis County Youth Show. These kids work really hard with their animals. We are looking forward to seeing the bull riding event this Saturday, which wraps up the show.

Custom Oilfield Application

Our customer runs an oilfield cleaning service. He came to us with 2 problems. First, the system they had just wasn’t getting the job done. They had custom built cold water frac tank cleaning trailer capable of 16 gpm at 1500 psi. However, the cold water just didn’t work. The second problem was a space… Read more »

Earl Campbell and Hotsy Carlson

Thank You Earl Campbell for spending the afternoon with us at Hotsy Carlson!  Everyone enjoyed the cook out and their time to visit with Mr. Campbell.  What a gentleman and great story teller! Customers that attended were able to spend a few minutes with him and get him to sign autographs.  UT fans and Houston Oiler fans had a… Read more »

Earl Campbell Appearance

We are proud to announce that Earl Campbell, The Tyler Rose, will be appearing at our Austin location on December 15 coinciding with our Giant Tent Sale. A fantastic opportunity to visit with one of the Great Texas Heros.

Giant Tent Sale December 15th – Bring All Offers

We’ve just set the date for our Giant Tent Sale – December 15th Wednesday December 15th Hotsy Carlson will hold its Giant Tent Sale at the Austin location. This is an excellant opportunity to get some great deals on demonstration models and used equipment. Whether you are adding on to your equipment or upgrading from… Read more »