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Four Facts About Hard Water

1.) Most communities have hard water. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, hard water is found in about 85% of the United States. This means the water you use for cleaning contains a certain amount of dissolved minerals (primarily calcium and magnesium compounds), that can affect your equipment’s cleaning ability and efficiency. 2.)  Hard water… Read more »

Tip: Burner Tune Up and Soot Removal

If your pressure washer smokes, it’s time for a burner tune up and adjustment! Smoking pressure washers indicate the machine is not properly burning the fuel. When fuel is not burning correctly the unit will build up soot in the coil. Soot build up on the heat exchange coil is a symptom of an ill-maintained… Read more »

Pressure Washer Maintenance Tips

Hotsy 1200 Series Hot Water Pressure Washers

Most of these practices take very little time and cost very little to do! It’s time and money well spent when it comes to maintaining your pressure washing equipment. DO: COLD WATER RINSE after using the burner. Turn off the burner switch, and run cold water until the water feels cool to the touch, takes… Read more »