Take Advantage of Automation for Parts Washing

Automatic parts washers save time and money and offer improved safety Every business wants to find ways to maximize productivity in their operations. This doesn’t mean cutting corners, but instead using new methods, technologies, training and staff to achieve more work with less effort – and less cost. Automatic parts washers available from Hotsy Carlson… Read more »

2018: A New Year’s Look at New Technologies in Clean

Looking Back and Looking Ahead at the Latest Cleaning Innovations As we start looking to the new year ahead, it’s important to keep in mind all the new changes and advances both in the past few months and expected to impact the world of clean in the months ahead. There has been a great deal… Read more »

Clean Fleets Faster with a Wash Bay System

Wash bays offer efficiency, safety and security Keeping vehicles or equipment clean is a vital part of many businesses. Cleaning your fleet vehicles helps to wash away dirt, grime and grease which can tarnish the look of your fleet and lead to increased corrosion and rust while taking away from your good look – literally…. Read more »

Winterize Your Pressure Washer

Winter will be here soon. Are You Ready? It’s important to protect your pressure washer from freezing. Water is trapped in the pump and coil, and will expand when it freezes, causing damage. You can easily prevent this. Watch Hotsy’s short video to learn how.   Preventative Steps to Winterize Pressure Washers: 1. Disconnect the… Read more »

When is Water Not Water?

Understanding how different types of water can affect pressure washing: We typically hold that there are a few universal truths in the world. The sky is blue, Friday comes after Thursday, and water is wet. While that all still stands true, sometimes things aren’t what they seem, and that can often be the case with… Read more »

How to Configure Your Mobile Cleaning Trailer Rig

Optimize your mobile cleaning rig when it’s time to hit the road. When you’re getting ready to take on a big job, wouldn’t it be great to have all your equipment ready to go, all in one place? It’s possible with trailer-mounted pressure washer systems. Building a mobile cleaning arsenal yourself can get tricky. Using… Read more »

The Law and The Solution: A Case for Vital Oxide

Make quick work of dangerous bacteria and comply with the FSMA Earlier this year, the Sanitary Transportation for Human and Animal Foods rule under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) took effect. The Sanitary Transportation Rule is necessary so that regulated foods are safe upon delivery from all motorized vehicles and rail transportation concerning cleaning,… Read more »

Don’t ignore the signs of breakdown – prevent them with regular maintenance

Ignoring maintenance cues creates unnecessary downtime and expenses Pressure washers are like cars – they need regular maintenance to run smoothly, efficiently, and with the power you expect. It’s important to watch for issues that may cause trouble down the road and stay on top of a regular maintenance schedule to keep your pressure washer… Read more »

Three APW operating tips to avoid a foam party on your floor

Using more detergent and the correct temperature in APWs equals less foam Having an Automatic Parts Washer unexpectedly foam up all over the floor doesn’t make for a great day. It makes for extra work and more downtime, not to mention damage to the machine. Proper operation is the key to avoiding annoying foam. There… Read more »

Add Repairing Hoses to Your “Bad Idea” List

Replace it, don’t repair it – stay safe and save more by replacing damaged pressure washer hoses Using leaky, cracked, or frayed pressure washer hoses can cause danger and lead to serious injury. While patching or attempting to repair a busted hose might be tempting, replacing it is safer and more affordable than you might… Read more »