Waste Management

Nobody Knows Waste Management Cleaning Like Hotsy Carlson!

Working in waste management means your vehicle fleet sees more than its fair share of grease, grime, dirt – and worse. Staying clean is a struggle for garbage haulers and waste management fleets, but with Hotsy Carlson on your side, you can find a solution to keep your vehicles looking and running great.

Keeping on top of cleaning helps with much more than appearances. Maintaining CLEAN with your fleet helps you work more effectively, more efficiently, and more safely each and every day. Hotsy Carlson knows CLEAN, and we have a variety of solutions to help you keep your vehicles looking and running great.

See how our selection of Hotsy pressure washers, powerful detergents and much more can help your operations by calling us today.

  • Hot-water pressure washers help blast away grease, oil and other substances while helping to sanitize
  • Cleaning vehicles regularly helps make any leaks or repair issues more apparent, allowing you to fix problems before they lead to breakdowns
  • Your fleet vehicles are your “rolling billboards” – make sure they convey the right message
  • Choose portable units for easier use in multiple locations
  • Use LP or natural gas units to create your own wash bay 
  • Save space with small machines that deliver big cleaning power

Top Solutions for Waste Management

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