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Nobody Knows Food Service and Winery Cleaning Like Hotsy Carlson!

Those who work in the wine and food service industries know the importance of CLEAN. Surfaces, equipment, parts and tools all have to be not only clean, but sanitized to ensure you produce high-quality and healthful goods.

Hotsy Carlson knows what you need from your cleaning equipment. Food and winery environments have very stringent cleanliness requirements, and we offer a full range of solutions for CLEAN, all designed to help you work more efficiently, effectively and safely. 

Save time and money and keep up with your cleaning demands with Hotsy Carlson.

  • Hotsy pressure washers help ensure surfaces and equipment are properly sanitized to meet your needs
  • Portable LP gas-fired models are compact and easy to navigate in narrow or confined spaces
  • Hot-water pressure washers are easily modified with a steam valve and flow switch, allowing you to reach higher temperatures at lower pressures
  • Electronic ignition upgrade available
  • Hot-water models easily sustain water temperatures high enough to kill harmful bacteria and microorganisms
  • Wide variety of GPM and pressure configurations available

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