Portable Air Coolers

Stay Cool in the Central Texas Heat

We know it’s HOT in Texas! The ability to provide portable cooling in the summer can be critical to the health, safety and comfort of your staff and/or guests. Hotsy Carlson offers an environmentally friendly line of portable evaporative coolers from COOL-SPACE™, as well as the RKF 505 cooler from VAL6. These cooling fan systems are a cost-effective, easy-to-use method to cool any room for temporary situations or in instances where temperature flexibility is needed.

COOL-SPACE™ Portable Coolers

COOL-SPACE™ portable coolers come in a wide variety of models designed to fit any size room. The smallest model is designed to cool just one small room, while the largest model is equipped to control conditions in spaces as large as 4,000 square feet!

Portable evaporative air coolers are environmentally friendly, working only on water and air movement. Simple to use, these commercial air coolers have no complicated installation requirements, requiring only single-phase electricity and a water supply.

Great for outdoor work spaces, sporting events and tail-gating. Ask about Custom Colors.

VAL6 Portable Coolers

The RKF Series from VAL6 has adopted the natural cooling phenomenon of a waterfall and applied it to its cooler, allowing you to create a comfortable working environment. Cooling air by vaporizing water, this vaporization cooling system emits no heat exhaust, is eco-friendly and health-oriented.

These cooling systems are ideal for outdoor events, parties, festivals, weddings, factories and warehouses, restaurants, bars, patios lake houses and ranches, garages, hangars, drilling areas for the oil industry, as well as barns and stables.

Learn more about COOL-SPACE™ technology or the VAL6 RKF 505 air cooler by calling the Hotsy Carlson location nearest you or stop in and see us in Austin, Bryan or Killeen.