Why Choose Hotsy Carlson?

Choose Hotsy Carlson for Quality Cleaning Equipment

When it comes to cleaning, you need a name you can trust. That name in Central Texas is Hotsy Carlson. Why? Because we carry Hotsy pressure washers and parts washers and Water Maze wash water treatment equipment – two brands considered to be best in class – and so many more solutions to tackle any cleaning job.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Hotsy Carlson for your industrial cleaning needs and wastewater projects.

Hotsy Carlson has been serving the cleaning needs of businesses in Central and South Texas and the Hill Country since 1974.

  • Like you, we know the value of ServiceSafety and Cleanliness.
  • We want to establish a long-term relationship with our customers, and we are willing to customize our services around your business needs.
  • We offer a library of films and books about the industry that you may check out for five days.
  • We have a full line of rental units to serve any short- or long-term cleaning need.

At Hotsy Carlson, We Know CLEAN and we know what you need from your pressure washing equipment.

  • Our unique solutions to CLEAN help you be more productive, more effective and more safe during your cleaning operations. 
  • We know what you want – good inspections, quick and effective maintenance, and more uptime. CLEAN helps you achieve each of those goals and much more. 
  • Starting with our CLEAN Accountability Plan, we can assess and evaluate your needs and help put together a comprehensive program to keep your machinery and equipment running efficiently, effectively and safely at all times. 

The right training can avoid costly repairs or avoid unnecessary damages to your equipment.

  • Each customer receives complete on-site safety, operational and maintenance training.
  • Training for users is provided by our cleaning consultant, who offers comprehensive knowledge and years of experience with pressure washers and other cleaning machinery and equipment.

We manufacture our own line of detergents.

  • Our cleaning detergents are some of the the strongest concentrates and most cost-effective products on the market.
  • Bulk programs are available at huge discounts.

Put our experience to work for you. If you need a custom design or application, we can help. The tougher the job the better! Contact the Hotsy Carlson location nearest you – in Austin, Bryan or Killeen – and get  everything you need more from our cleaning professionals today.