USED – Watermaze EC1-200S Wash Pad

Sale Price: $19,500

USED – Watermaze EC1-200S Wash Pad

The EC1-200S is an all-in-one cleaning and waste water treatment system that allows you to clean the dirtiest of equipment with the built-in cold water pressure washer that provides 3.4 GPM @ 2000 PSI and an electro-coagulation system to treat wastewater.

Altogether, the wastewater treatment system, pressure washer and electro-coagulation allow for easy, efficient cleaning, while simultaneously treating wastewater with suspended solids, emulsified oils and heavy materials at a rate of up to 5GPM and of sufficient quality that it can be recycled back to the pressure washer or discharged into sanitary water. The system also has a built-in ozone generator for oxidizing bacteria and reducing water odor.

NOTE: This wash pad has a cabinet containing the wastewater treatment system, the pressure washer’s engine & pump, Electro-Coagulation system, ozone generator and all other equipment used by the wash pad during cleaning that is not shown in the photo.

SALE PRICE: $19,500 (Let’s Negotiate!)

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