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CLEAN Is More Than a Word – It’s a Mindset

Pressure Washing inside of truck

A CLEAN approach can help in every aspect of your work At Hotsy Carlson, we often use “CLEAN” in our conversations, emails, social media and other places. While keeping equipment, machinery and other surfaces clean is obviously a primary goal for many people using pressure washers, detergents and other gear, when we speak of CLEAN,… Read more »

Waving a Magic Wand to Clean

Using the right wand can make cleaning a breeze Caked-on mud stuck beneath a truck. Engine grease and oil on the shop floor. Clogged gutters choked with leaves and dirt. These are just a few of the common sights for experienced pressure washers, and all of these cleaning situations can benefit from adding a little… Read more »

10 Cents to Replace or 10 Days of Downtime?

How O-Rings Can Make or Break Your Operations  There’s nothing worse than having to shut down operations due to something completely preventable. While accidents happen or unexpected failures can occur, issues that arise from poor or improper maintenance are wholly preventable. Even worse is when those issues happen from something with a negligible cost, like… Read more »

The Importance of Branding Your Fleet

If you own or manage a fleet, then you understand that your vehicles speak volumes about your company. Whether it’s indirectly or directly with the customers your business services, the appearance of the vehicles (and drivers) can either make or break your reputation. It’s important to keep in mind that past and potential customer, as… Read more »

Why Maintain a Clean Fleet?

Let’s face it: keeping your fleet clean and professional-looking is one of the greatest investments you can make in your business. Successful owners and fleet managers understand this and put processes in place to ensure the best chance of clean and well cared-for trucks, machinery and equipment. While it perhaps should be the responsibility of… Read more »

Flood Clean Up and Sanitation

Clean up after a flood can be a lot of work. Not only is there the job of clearing out debris and draining water, flood water is a perfect medium for the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. We carry several products that can make the tough work of flood clean up easier. Sludge Sucker… Read more »

Congratulations to all our Winners!

A great big Thank you to all who participated in our prize give away! We really appreciate you supporting us! The grand prize winner is Levi Krause! He is the new owner of the HOTSY HD Cold Water Pressure Washer. Our winners of a Yeti rambler cup are: Kerry Finn, John Herril, Melvin Session, Cheryl… Read more »

Comparing Steamers and Hot Water Pressure Washers

Because hot water pressure washers evolved from steamers, they are sometimes referred to as steamers even though they are mostly used for putting out pressurized water. Traditional steamers heat water to the boiling point to create steam and accelerate water droplets to a high velocity to loosen dirt and debris from the surface. The closer… Read more »

How to prepare your shop for winter

Step 1: Get a Val 6 Radiant Heater Step 2: Keep warm (but don’t stand too close) Step 3: Save money on fuel and breathe easy* *Val 6 heaters are extremely fuel efficient and have very low emissions compared to conventional heaters. Val 6 heaters work great for indoor warehouses and shops and outdoors through wind,… Read more »

Sludge Pit got you Scared?

Scared of the Sludge in your wash bay pit or containment tank? Put the Pit Boss Sludge Sucker to work for you! No expensive transfer pump needed! Simply attach the Pit Boss Sludge Sucker to your pressure washer lance, then place the 15′ discharge hose into a catch container. The 0 Degree spray creates a… Read more »