Equipment for treating Wash Water

Water Maze Innovator series

Why use water reclamation? It’s important to protect our water systems and follow local regulations regarding industrial wastewater and how to dispose of it. Many businesses are faced with confusing compliance issues and watershed regulations, yet are subject to fines and penalties for not complying. Hotsy Carlson has two full time environmental system specialists that can help you determine how to best deal with your waste water. We are familiar with local waste water regulations and the latest technologies available to treat industrial wastewater. We design and install from a full line of water treatment equipment.

The experts at Hotsy Carlson Equipment take the time to discover what’s in your waste stream by asking questions, performing site surveys, coordinating with contractors and engineers, and collecting samples for testing. Based on our findings and your needs, we help you select the appropriate water treatment equipment for your application.

Our staff can prepare design plans and coordinate with your contractors & engineers. We are there for you to be sure the process goes smoothly from start to finish. We’ll even help train your staff on operation and maintenance or provide ongoing preventative maintenance.

Hotsy Carlson proudly represents the following brands of water treatment equipment:

Water Maze is North America’s largest manufacturer of industrial wastewater treatment systems. Water Maze technologies include electrocoagulation, bioremediation, and mechanical filtration. Originally designed for high pressure cleaning applications, today’s technologies address such industrial applications as Golf and Turf, Heavy Equipment, Manufacturing, Marinas & shipping, Metal Finishing, Trucking and Transportation.

Hydrotek Systems manufactures top quality equipment designed for the mobile contract cleaner to address recovery, filtration, and recycling of wastewater.

Water Treatment Technologies manufactures an extremely portable wash water recycling system that can be installed in the bed of a truck or trailer. The Mighty Mobile Series works well with any recovery device and can be converted to a closed loop recovery system with the addition of water pump and water tank. Stationary Wastewater treatment Systems and Oil/Water Separators are also available. Stop by or call the team at Hotsy Carlson. We have three locations with experts to assess your water treatment needs - Austin, Bryan or Killeen, TX.

Hotsy Carlson is a direct dealer for the following top name brands of water treatment equipment: