VAL6 Radiant Heaters are portable and highly efficient

Hotsy Carlson Equipment offers VAL6 – the best space heaters on the market. Portable, durable, and the most efficient and dependable radiant heat available. The VAL6 offers high efficiency and low fuel consumption in a portable heater.

Typical forced air heaters lose their heat because hot air rises, or the wind redirects the hot air stream. Radiant heat travels in straight lines and does not rise to the ceiling like hot air. VAL6 heaters are more efficient because you spot heat the areas where you need it most.

Learn more about VAL6 by clicking on one of the products below or watch a video on the VAL6 website. Contact the Hotsy Carlson Equipment location nearest you for pricing and more information.

The most powerful, yet efficient VAL6 ever featuring a 20% larger disk and advanced technology.
Our standard model, a smaller version of KBE5L with virtually 100% fuel to energy conversion.
Our most popular model. Providing sunlight warmth wherever and whenever you need it.
Hotgun 125NA
The ultimate forced air heater. High efficiency and the hottest air flow on the market.
An ultra portable heater with dual heating. Perfect for spot space heating in a large area.
Coming soon!
A brand new model featuring far-infrared heat, safe surface temperatures and portability.
Guard Fence, Heat Shielding Mat, Fuel Pre-Heater, Nozzle and Filter