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When customers want to upgrade to a more powerful model, they often use their equipment as a trade-in. We have our service technicians perform a through analysis and tune-up of the equipment, to certify it is working properly. Our Used Equipment is available at bargain rates. Here’s what we currently have in stock:

1. Complete Trailer Mounted System 
with a Hot Water 3000psi unit.
Trailer Includes 3000 - 3500 PSI hot water pressure washer,
225 gallon or larger water tank, detergent tank (some units only), and hose reels.
Some units have built in generator. Most units will come with a 90 day warranty.
Call to see what's in stock today!
Price Range: $5,990.00 to $9,990.00
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2. Multi-Gun Trailer Mounted Cleaning Systems
1 to 2 Hotsy All Diesel HSS-803089E hot water pressure washers provide 4 GPM @ 3000 PSI to each of the guns. Trailers come with 525 Gallon fresh water tank, (Some available with an additional 125 gallon detergent tank) sock filter for filtering water 2 to 4 hose reels. Along with all of the plumbing connecting the water and detergent sources to the pressure washers, each of the hose reels (2 to 4) has 200ft. of hose, each then attached to a wand/gun.
Call us to speak to a Sales Representative about a Used or New Trailer Mounted System that will fit your cleaning needs. 
Note: Image of 4-gun trailer mounted system with 525 gallon water tank, 125 gallon detergent tank, sock filter, 4 hose reels with 200 ft. hose on each and wand. Cleaning system powered by 2 individual HSS-803089E all-diesel pressure washers.
Price Range: $35,000 to $70,000
(Prices vary due to trailers being custom built for desired application.)
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3. USED - Aladdin Model 1430YC 
Electric Hot Water Washer
(Serial #:104073) (Austin)
Gently Used Electric Powered Hot Water Pressure Washer.
Diesel Fired Burner
Stainless Steel Housing
4 GPM @ 3000 PSI
208/230/460V 3Ph    

Sale Price: $3,800.00

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4. USED - Hotsy BXA-373539
Cold Water Pressure Washer
(Serial #: 11071210-100139) (Austin)
Cold Water Pressure Washer in Great Condition.
Powered by a 389 CC Honda GX390 Gas Engine.
Belt Drive Hotsy Triplex Pump w/NESTechnology 
All Aluminum Frame and Body.
Pneumatic tires for easy maneuverability.  
3.7 GPM @ 3500 PSI 
New List Price: $3,300.00
Sale Price: $1,800.00 
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5. USED - Hydro-Quip Pneumatic Diesel Screen Cleaner
The Hydro-Quip Pneumatic Diesel Screen Cleaner.
Units have aluminum roll cage, Belle housing, Flex-Couplings, FRL Combo Unit and Vitol Seals.
Unit comes with 100’ suction and 100’ of return line.
Air Motor requires: 100 CFM @ 80 PSI  
Output 2.4 GPM @ 800 PSI.
Contact For Pricing and Details (Willing to Negotiate!) 

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6. USED- Hotsy S5730-3 
Hot Water Pressure Washer
(Serial #: H1103-74234) (Austin) (Hours: 434.4)
Used Stationary Unit - In Excellent Condition with only 434.4 Hours. 
Electric Powered with a Diesel Burner
Belt Driven Hotsy Triplex Pump
Perfect unit for Repair Shops and Wash Bays.
8 GPM @ 3000 PSI 
230Volt 3Ph 47Amp 60Hrz  
New List Price: $14,000.00
Sale Price: $7,240.00 
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7. USED- Hotsy S5730-3
Hot Water Pressure Washer

(Serial #: H1103-74151) (Austin) (Hours: 279.0)

Unit in Excellent Condition with only 279.0 Hours of use.
Electric Powered with a Diesel Fired Burner
Belt Driven Hotsy Triplex Pump provides high pressure water with high volume output.
Perfect unit for Repair Shops and Wash Bays.

8 GPM @ 3000 PSI

230Volt 3Ph 47Amp 60Hrz

New List Price: $14,000.00

Sale Price: $7,490.00

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8. USED - Hotsy 5700 Series Stationary
Hot Water Pressure Washers
(Killeen & Austin)
22 Units Available with a Variety of Hours
Ideal for Wash Bays and Repair Shops  
Electric Powered pump provides 8 GPM @ 3000 PSI.  Diesel Fired Burner heats water to 225°F
Powerful enough to operate one or 2 guns simultaneously.
All units have been well maintained, most with very low hours 
8 GPM @ 3000 PSI 
230Volt 3Ph 47Amp 60Hrz
208/230/460 Volt 3 Phase
Contact us For Detailed Unit Info & Pricings (Let's Negotiate!)
**Willing to discount pricing on purchases of 2+ units.**
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9. USED - Hotsy BD-404029
Cold Water Pressure Washer

(Serial #:100008) (Austin)
Gas Powered by a 16Hp Vanguard engine. 
Belt Driven. Hotsy Triplex Pump provides 4.0 GPM @ 4000 PSI. 
Sturdy roll cage design protects components and 4 Pneumatic tires allow for easy maneuverability
A well taken care of rental unit. Unit has a Brand New Pump with a 7 Year Warranty. 

4.0 GPM @ 4000 PSI
New List Price: $4,985.00
Sale Price: $3,750.00 (Let's Negotiate!)

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10.USED- Ex-Cell 1003VSWA
Hot Water Pressure Washer

(Model # 1003VSWA) (Austin)

Portable Electric Powered, Diesel Fired Hot Water Pressure Washer
-Diesel-Fired Burner
-Baldor Electric Motor (F694 Series)
-Electric Motor Specs: 115/230V/1PH; 60Hz; 18.4/9.2 Amp Draw; 1,725RPM; 2 Horsepower
-37 ft. G.F.C.I. Power Cord
-Cat Direct-Drive Triplex Pump with ceramic plungers
-3 GPM @ 1,000 PSI
-Low Pressure Chemical Injection with chemical level adjustment knob
-Insulated wand with trigger gun
-Chemical Injection Control Knob for adjusting chemical levels

Sale Price: $1,986.00 (Let's negotiate!)

For more information on the Ex-Cell hot water pressure washer email us at


11. USED - Landa HOT4-2000A
Hot Water Pressure Washer

P1102-38782 (Austin)

Portable, Electric Powered Hot Water Pressure Washer
5 HP Electric Motor powers pump and Diesel Burner heats water to 225° F

3 GPM @ 2000 PSI

230Volt 1Ph 25Amp 60Hz

Sale Price: $2,600.00

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12. Used Landa SEA 4-2000A Electric
Stationary Cold Water Pressure Washer
(Cust. Part #: SEA 4-20024A) (Model#: 11065010-162043) (Austin)
The Landa SEA 4-200 is a stationary, cold-water pressure washer that runs entirely on electricity. The SEA 4-2000 has a max water volume flow of 4.2 GPM at a pressure of up to 2000 PSI. Although the SEA 4-2000 is not able to heat incoming water, it is able to accept hot water up to 185° F. Additionally, the unit and its components are housed safely within a steel cabinet, protecting your investment from damage.

4.2 GPM @ 2000 PSI.

230 Volt 1Phase 28Amp
(36’ Power Cord with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter included)

6.4 HP Electric Motor
New List Price: $3,369.00
Sale Price: $1,700.00 (Let's Negotiate!)
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13. NEW - StillClean Solvent Distiller
        (Serial #: CL 100140)   (Austin) 

2 Brand New Units Available
Distills Solvent for Reuse, A Big $$$ Saver!

The StillClean is a portable solvent distillation system that recycles the solvent in one or more parts washers. The solvent is cleaned by actual distillation, not filtration, giving you pure clean solvent without paying outside services to deliver clean and remove dirty solvent. 

New List Price: $1,995.00

Clearance Price $995.00 - Or Best Offer  (Let's Negotiate!)

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14. USED - Farley's Explorer IV Super Magnum
Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer 
(Model # EXP4515869) (Serial # 2912393) (Austin)
Portable Hot Water Pressure Washer
5 HP Electric Motor with Diesel Fired Burner
Belt Driven Pump 
Pneumatic Tires for easy Maneuverability
Soap Control Valve- Unit set up for soap injection

5HP Electric Motor  
230Volt 1Ph

4 GPM @ 2000 PSI
New List Price: $5,895.00
Sale Price: $3,200.00 (Let's Negotiate!) 
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15. Renegade Automatic - BRAND NEW!
Parts Washers
Only 1 Left!
Brand New Overstocked Model TMB8000! 
Heavy Duty 11 gauge steel construction and fully loaded with auto refill, 7 day digital heat management timer, oil skimmer and an automatic low water shutdown/alarm
Free Onsite Demonstration
New List Price: $7,500.00
Clearance Price $5,995.00 
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16. SOLD! USED - 2008 For F-250 Truck Bed
 2008 Ford F250 Truck Bed
No lights
Tailgate included
Truck bed has gooseneck ball hitch cutout
Some small dents but in good shape

  Great Deal!!!
 Contact us for more details!

 Sale Price $500.00 (Let's Negotiate!!!)
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17. USED - Watermaze EC1-200S Wash Pad

The EC1-200S is an all-in-one cleaning and waste water treatment system that allows you to clean the dirtiest of equipment with the built-in cold water pressure washer that provides 3.4 GPM @ 2000 PSI and an electro-coagulation system to treat wastewater. 

Altogether, the wastewater treatment system, pressure washer and electro-coagulation allow for easy, efficient cleaning, while simultaneously treating wastewater with suspended solids, emulsified oils and heavy materials at a rate of up to 5GPM and of sufficient quality that it can be recycled back to the pressure washer or discharged into sanitary water. The system also has a built-in ozone generator for oxidizing bacteria and reducing water odor.

 NOTE: This wash pad has a cabinet containing the wastewater treatment system, the pressure washer's engine & pump, Electro-Coagulation system, ozone generator and all other equipment used by the wash pad during cleaning that is not shown in the photo.

SALE PRICE: $19,500.00 (Let's Negotiate!)

For more information, Images and technical specs email us at




18. USED - WADU Soda Blasting Hopper


Take advantage of the superb cleaning capabilities of sodium bicarbonate wet abrasive blasting.

Can be used with any abrasive and comes with patented, fully adjustable metering device.

Designed for use with pressure washers rated between 1500-4000 PSI @ 2 to 6 GPM.

Unit comes fully assembled with a patented 15° fan nozzle, trigger gun and wand. 

Single piece welded frame. 

Sales Price: $120.00 (Let's Negotiate!)

 For more information email us at

19. USED - Hotsy DA-252739 
Portable Cold Water Pressure Washer
(Serial #: 11071000-100429)     (Bryan)
Portable Gasoline Powered Pressure Washer
Direct Drive to Hotsy Triplex Pump 
196cc Honda GX200 Gasoline Engine
Recoil Start Engine
Pneumatic Tires for Easy Transportation
2.5 GPM @ 2700 PSI
New List Price: $ 1,425.00
Sale Price: $700.00
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 20. USED - CUDA H2O 2530
Automatic Aqueous Parts Washer
(Model # CUDA H2O 2530) (Serial # 10433720-100405) (Austin)
This CUDA H2O 2530 Automatic Aqueous Parts Washer uses high volume (50GPM), hot, soapy water at 45psi to clean grease, carbon, paint and other filth off of the dirtiest parts and tools. Running like an oversized dishwasher, the CUDA H20 allows you to load the turntable, set the timer and walk away while the parts are cleaned automatically via a fully programmable timer and control panel. 

- Built in Stainless Steel Oil Skimmer & Blades (With oil drain container)
- 3 HP vertical seal-less pump creates 50gpm at 45psi.
- 6kW Electric heater provides 150°-170°F wash water.
- 12 Spray Nozzles surround the 25" Diameter rotating turntable with 30" working height & 500lbs capacity.
- 40 gallon sump & Automatic low-water shutoff
- Fully Programmable Wash Cycles and Control Panel
- Roll-in door allows easy access to wash chamber.
- Removable Debris Screen

Unit Power: 230Volts 1Ph 60Hz 38Amps
50GPM @ 45PSI
Hours on Unit: 81
New List Price: $10,000.00
Sales Price: $6,600.00
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 21. USED - ALKOTA 150 Industrial Heater
Diesel Oil Fired Space Heater (Portable)
(Alkota Model 150) (Serial #: 235400) (Austin)
This used Alkota 150 Series Industrial Space Heater runs off Diesel and any standard grounded 110 volt outlet. Forced air unit uses large blower to push hot air around the area you are heating. Feature stainless steel combustion chamber and high temperature limit switch. 

Diesel Oil Fired
150,000 BTU 
14.5 Gallon Tank (Diesel)
1.0 GPH Fuel Consumption
2 Pneumatic Ball Bearing Tires and Caster Wheel for Portability
115 Volt 
1/15 HP Fan Motor
465 CFM Blower Output
Dimensions: H-39", L-40", W-22"  
Weight: 150 lbs.
New List Price: $2,599.00
Sale Price: $1,600.00
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22. Used Northstar Electric Cold Water Unit

S/N:157182-1197-2413                      (Killeen)

1.8 GPM @ 1400 PSI 

110V/1PH Electric Motor

TT9061 General Pump

2 Wheels with handle for easy transportation

New List Price $1499.00

SALE PRICE $650.00

Call for details (Let's Negotiate!)