Hotsy Carlson, Killeen – Supporting our Military

Hotsy Pressure washers have been supporting our soldiers for decades. Our Equipment has been to Quwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan...that we know of. Hotsy Carlson maintains a fleet of rugged hot water pressure washers that are ready to go at all times to serve our troops on Fort Hood Texas. These units can be bought or rented for long or short term assignments. We offer all-inclusive maintenance free rental packages that provide soldiers a reliable, ready to use solution to clean their equipment.

We negotiated a creative flexible contract for the 1st Calvary Division that ensured a rugged, economical hot water pressure washer in each motor pool. Soldiers didn’t have to worry about bottlenecks of equipment or credit cards, because our package included training, full maintenance, and support from our certified staff. We provided the 4th ID with a fleet of portable hot water pressure washers that enabled them to be operation ready prior to deployment. Hotsy Carlson has and will Stand Up for our troop demands.

  • Hotsy Carlson Equipment Co provides local service available to Fort Hood
  • We can Provide Pressure Washer Operator Manuals and or Training to end users
  • We can Deliver or Ship Pressure Washer Parts and Accessories Worldwide
  • We Repair any brand of pressure washer and stock replacement parts and accessories
  • System Consultant Services Available
  • Washwater and Wastewater Recycling and Reclaim or Discharge
  • Wash Bay Design and Installation
  • Wastewater Evaporator systems, Oil Water Seperators, and Waste Oil Burners
  • Environmental Concerns City Regulations and Wastewater Violations
  • Mobile Cleaning Trailer Design see trailer mounted systems
  • In Line Cleaning Systems with remote control stations and multiple gun drops

We offer product design, consultation, installation and maintenance for industrial cleaning equipment. Hotsy Carlson has the experience and resources to make your most brutal cleaning challenge a simple routine task. Let the experts at Hotsy Carlson configure a solution for you.