Replacement Parts for Pressure Washers, Parts Washers & More

Parts and accessories

If you want to maintain or repair your pressure washer yourself, we can help! We stock what you need to replace or upgrade your pressure washer, parts washer, heater, or water reclaim system. We carry a large selection of accessories that can help make your job easier. Here are just a few of the items we have available. Give us a call and let us help you get your system running its best.

High Pressure Nozzles - we stock the standard color coded quick connect nozzles, adjustable nozzles, high-low nozzles, and sewer nozzles. If you have a particularly tough application you should consider using a turbo nozzle. A turbo nozzle provides you with the cleaning power and impact of a zero degree nozzle and the larger spray pattern of a wide coverage fan nozzle.

High Pressure Hoses - we stock the standard 50 or 100 ft lengths or we can custom cut one to meet your needs. Our R1 (single wire) and R2 (double wire) industrial hoses are the most rugged hoses available and can be used for hot and cold water pressure washers. If you have reoccurring problems damaging your hose, you might consider a hose reel or trolley system that keeps the hose up off the ground.

Replacement pumps and pump kits – we handle all major brands of pumps including Hotsy, Hawk pumps, General Pumps, Interpumps, AR pumps, Comet pumps, and Legacy pumps, to name a few. Most industrial pumps can be rebuilt for long life and we carry the pump repair kits to get the job done, to include oil seal kits, packing kits, ceramic plungers and pistons. We also stock a few commercial and home owner pumps for the light duty user. Give us a call and we can help you find the right part. If you aren’t sure what pump you need, call us.

Surface cleaners - proven to be invaluable when working with flat surfaces. The right surface cleaner improves your cleaning efficiency and can cut your labor time in half.

Water Reclamation units - portable or stationary solutions for disposing of your dirty wash water. A dirty tank or pit can be quickly emptied using a Pit Boss sludge sucker.

We also carry replacement parts for Briggs and Stratton, Honda, Robin engines, Baldor motors, as well as the following items:

Trigger Guns
O rings
Extension Wands
Pop Off Valves
Float valves
Hour Meters
Burner Motors
Wash Bay Systems
Fuel Pumps
Hose Reels
Vac Switches
Steam Valves
Auto start stop
Remote Operations Controls
Fuel Nozzles
Diaphragm Pumps
Variable Pressure Wands
Quick Connects
Thermal Relief Valves
Chemical injector
Pressure Gauges
Thermal shutdown timer
Coil insulations
Burner Tune-Up Kits
Flow Switches