Automatic Parts Washer Sales & Service for Central Texas

Hotsy Carlson provides clean, environmentally-friendly, automatic aqueous parts washers that can handle tough cleaning jobs while workers are free to work on other tasks greatly increasing efficiency. In addition to being able to automatically clean everything from small nuts and bolts to larger items such as transmissions and engine blocks, the parts washers tackle tough cleaning jobs with ease using only hot soapy water, eliminating toxic and troublesome solvents. Whether it’s an automotive repair shop, industrial manufacturing facility, medical processing, plastic fabrication, or food processing plant, we have a parts washer that will meet your needs and last for years to come.

Liberate yourself from toxic solvents!
Our automatic aqueous parts washers free you from the dangers of exposure to the toxic, corrosive solvents as well as the hassle involved in properly disposing of these solvents. A full line of safe and biodegradable detergents are available and are formulated for both general cleaning and specific applications. From general purpose detergents to specialized formulas, such as paint and powder coat remover and phosphatizer detergent that not only cleans but prepares surfaces for painting, we can match the perfect detergent to your specific cleaning needs.

Increased safety through design
Our CUDA front-loading automatic parts washers feature roll-in door design that takes up considerably less space and prevents water from dripping onto the floor when the door is opened, preventing slip hazards, while top-loading models also feature a specially designed mechanical door seal that will not droop or sag to prevent the escape of heat and water from the wash chamber.

Hotsy Carlson represents the top quality aqueous parts washer manufacturers in the industry. We promote CUDA and Renegade parts washers both of which offer a variety of automatic top loading and front loading systems as well as Renegade’s manual open wash tubs for heavy-duty industrial cleaning.

In addition to sales we can also repair any brand of automatic parts washer. Let the experts at Hotsy Carlson help you select a parts washer that’s right for you. We have three Central Texas locations in Austin, Killeen and Bryan.