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Get attached to good cleaning solutions

Fleet managers, Facilities Directors, staff members who manage or maintain vehicles, buildings, heavy equipment, parking lots and garages, or other assets that need cleaning turn to us for solutions to cleaning problems.

Here are some examples of how the right pressure washer accessory can save you time and money on cleaning jobs.

Problem: Need to apply soap over a large area or vehicles

Best Solution:  Detergent Injector and a Variable Pressure Wand

Run soap through pressure washer using a soap injector. Use a variable pressure wand to switch between soap and rinse with a twist of a knob or handle.


Alternative Solutions (Not ideal but can work in a pinch)

·         Solution: Use a detergent injector with your pressure washer.

Run soap through pressure washer using a detergent injector.

Shut off injector. Run water through pressure washer until soap runs out.

·         Solution: Spray it on with a Pump Up Sprayer

Sprayers can be inexpensive but tend to wear out quickly. Sprayer requires frequent pumping to pressurize.

·         The old bucket and sponge method.

This is almost not worth mentioning, but it can work well enough for an individual cleaning one vehicle or something small but can’t compete with a pressure washer for speed and getting at hard to reach areas.


Problem: Need to increase detergent dwell time foam to cover a large area and/or hard to reach areas

Solution: Foam Cannon


Problem: Need to clean a variety of surfaces without having to switch nozzles

Solution: Adjustable Nozzle

Easily adjusts from 0 degrees for heavy dirt and grime to 80 degree fan size for large areas with a twist of the nozzle head.


Problem: Extra Tough dirt and grime over a large area

Solution: Use a Turbo Nozzle

Aggressive impact cleaning (more than 10 times the impact of conventional nozzles). The best of both worlds; the deep cleaning impact of a 0 degree nozzle and the fast cleaning of a wide-coverage fan spray nozzle.


Problem: Stubborn Stains on Concrete or other hard surfaces

Solution: Cutting nozzle (Red Tipped - 0 degrees)

Can gouge and cut stubborn stains from concrete and other hard surfaces.


Problem: Stripping paint, grease and grime from hard surfaces.

Solution: Chiseling nozzle (Yellow Tip, 15 degrees) Works like a scraper.


Problem: Cleaning dirt from siding, sidewalks, and the like.

Solution: Flushing Nozzle (Green tip, 25 degrees) also used for wet sweeping leaves


Problem: Large area that needs to be washed and rinsed quickly

Solution: Wash Nozzle (White Tip, 40 degrees)

Creates a spray fan that allows large areas to be washed and rinsed quickly. Safe with most surfaces including aluminum siding, windows and vehicles. 


Problem: Cleaning a large floor, parking garage, or concrete surface.

Solution: Hotsy A+ Surface Cleaner

Save time, water, and effort. It produces a professional uniform finish without soaking your clothes or your wallet!

·         Easty to handle frame designed for less operator fatigue

·         Very low wall clearance – cleans right up to the wall

·         Solid tube corrosion resistant arm

·         4000 PSI

·         Max Temp 212F


Problem: Cleaning a surface that’s out of reach – trucks, rigs, walls, windows

Solution: Telescoping Wands

High-quality telescoping wand reaches up to 24’. Lightweight and balanced under pressure.


Problem: Hoses lay on the ground getting filthy and grimy, get worn out from kinking, and damaged after being run over repeatedly by heavy vehicles

Solution: Hose Reels

Can be mounted to a wall or directly to a pressure washer, keeping your hoses off the ground, giving them longer life and of course keeping them cleaner.


Problem: Need to remove paint without generating a lot of dust

Solution: Sand Blast Kits


Need an accessory or part asap? Hotsy Carlson stocks a huge inventory of parts and accessories, including guns & lances, couplers & fittings, hoses, hose reels, and nozzles. We have what it takes to get the job done right. We know clean.


We Love Solving Cleaning Problems - Accessory solutions

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