2 units, 4 guns, All diesel with elevated tank - Oil Rig Cleaning Set up

3 Gun,One unit, All diesel with Tank

4 Gun, All diesel unit with center position tank

Gooseneck Trailer 4 Gun Set up

Hotsy HSS Pressure Washer Oilfield Skid on Truck

Washbay Installation with Wash Water Treatment System

Wash Bay Installation and hose reel

Custom Cabinet Cleaning with Recycler, Air compressor and Hoist in enclosed trailer

Wash Water Reclaim System CLP with Co Ag

Wall-Mounted 1700 Series Pressure Washer with Detergent for Austin ISD

Custom Caged Hot Water Electric Oilfield Ready

2 units, 4 guns on Steel deck Gooseneck

Basic Washbay set up

Ready to clean!

Custom Unit with Retractable Hose Reel and Heavy Duty Wind Resisitant Burner Cap

County Equipment Room Complete Recycler, CLP, Hotsy 1800, Water Blaster, drive in collection pit, ZERO discharge

Hotsy Carlson rig washing

CoolSpace Evaporative Cooler Line-Up

Val-6 KBE5-L Heaters

Dual 9400 Heating Modules Mounted on Trailer for Heating water and/or Cold Water Pressure Washers

Fortress Wash Bay 1

Fortress Wash Bay Setup 1

Fortress Watermaze Installation

Fortress Watermaze Installation

Stationary Pressure Washer with Remote Control Box

Truck in Fortress Wash Bay

Alicia at Lexus of Lakeway Hotsy 1725 Installation

Custom Gator Pressure Washer Skid w/Tank for Travis County

Custom Trash Can Cleaner w/Foot Pedal Controls

Front Loading Automatic Parts Washer

Inside the equipment Room of the Washbay Hotsy 1400 and Watermaze Electro - Coagulation recylce system

Machines at Hotsy Carlson's 2016 Customer Appreciation Day

Val-6 KBE5-L Heater in Shop

Val-6 GP5 Propane Fueled Heater

Van Mobile Install of Hotsy 1200 Series W/Tank

Soap Tote Stand with Solar Powered Soap Sprayer

Cristyn & Alicia in Cuda Aqueous Parts Washer

Triple Stationary Unit Installation for Fesco Limited

Cuteness in a Cuda